Resident Handbook

Revised: April, 2013


Rules and Regulations

Pursuant to the Governing Documents of the Association the Board of Directors is responsible to adopt reasonable Rules and Regulations to help ensure that Myrtle Square remains a pleasant and safe place to live.  Significant efforts have been made to adopt these Rules and Regulations keeping in mind the balance between individual homeowner’s interests in enjoying their property and the Association’s duties under the Governing Documents. 

Additions, Alterations or Improvements by Owners

Owners cannot make any structural additions, alterations, or improvements to any Unit or to any limited Common Elements, or Common Elements or change the exterior appearance of the Condominium without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

Air Conditioners

Myrtle Square Condominiums is a nationally and locally designated historic property. A number of air conditioners have been installed which harm the architectural integrity of the windows and buildings as a whole. In order to avert any additional harm to the buildings and to restore the architectural integrity of our homes, the following rules with respect to air conditioners apply:

New Installation

1.    Any air conditioner installed must be of a window mounted slider/casement type, but may be either the small one-pane type or the larger two-pane type substantially similar to that shown on Exhibit A.  All air conditioners shall be of a size that prevents condensation from making contact with the exterior surface of the building. 

2.    Prior to installation, the homeowner must provide the management company with an application setting forth the type of air conditioner to be installed and the proposed location of the air conditioner. The Board will approve or disapprove the application in writing as soon as possible.  

3.   Those first floor residents living in Building C who wish to put a standard window air conditioner unit in their sash window located in the kitchens submit an application identifying the type of air conditioner to be installed and the location of the air conditioner The Board will approve or disapprove the application in writing as soon as possible.

4.    If any owner installs an air conditioner    without written approval from the Board of Directors, the owner will be in violation of the Governing Documents of the Association and the Board will be compelled to take enforcement action.  Please note that the owner may be responsible for all costs incurred by the Association in any enforcement action.

5.    As of the date of the adoption of these Rules and Regulations no air conditioners will be approved for installation on the courtyard sides of the buildings. 


Existing Air Conditioners

We do remind all unit owners that any installation or  alteration  to the exterior of the buildings or the windows without written approval from the Board of Directors is themselves a  contrary to the Condominium Bylaws   and   it is within the Board's discretion to require  removal of any unapproved item at the owner's expense. If your unit currently has an air conditioner which does not fit the above requirements it may remain in the unit as long as you, the owner, continue to reside there. When you sell or lease the unit the air conditioner should be removed and replaced with an air conditioner substantially similar to that shown on Exhibit A and the window restored to its original condition.

Automobiles and Parking

No automobiles, motorcycles, moving vans, or delivery trucks shall be parked or driven across or onto the lawn or walkways. All vehicles must be parked within lines of parking spaces.   Any damage resulting from violation of this regulation shall be at the direct expense of the unit owner. Violators shall be subject to having their vehicles towed at their expense. Only vehicles that are currently registered and operated on a regular basis will be allowed in the parking area.

There is parking available on Myrtle and Lexington Avenues. Additional parking for vehicles will be available on a first-come basis in the lot behind Buildings A and C. More than one such vehicle or car will not be allowed per unit. 

Disturbing Noises and Nuisances

No owner or leasee should make or permit any disturbing noises by himself or any persons occupying his unit or common area. Nor should anyone conduct or permit any activity that will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other owners or leasees. This includes audible, vocal, or instrumental instruction.


Exterior Maintenance

Normal exterior and ground maintenance will be arranged by Cedar Management Group. Any problems should be reported to their office. If maintenance problems of an emergency nature arise, call Cedar Management Group 704-644-8808. Calls will be taken by an answering service 24 hours a day.

Garbage Disposals

Please refrain from using garbage disposals at Myrtle Square. Our original plumbing is not designed to handle garbage disposals.  


Owners are required to carry $100,000 personal liability coverage.   No owner shall make any structural changes, additions or improvements in or to his unit or to any common area without prior written consent of the Board of Directors as stated in the By-Laws. This shall include any plans for cable television, electrical circuitry, plumbing additions or window alterations.

All owners are required to produce proof of insurance within thirty (30) days of purchase or purchase of the insurance policy or no later than January 15 of each year in the event no policy has been provided previously. 

Limited Common Area Storage

Entrance halls and stairwells are for the use and benefit of all those units to which they afford immediate access. Storage of personal belongings will not be permitted in these areas.  Doormats are permitted that are no larger than three feet by three feet located immediately adjacent to the door. This includes the hall closets as their use is designed for storage of trash receptacles and to provide access to electrical, plumbing, telephone and other utility connectors.

Storage of combustible materials which may increase fire hazards is not permitted.

Bicycles shall not be kept in any common area except when in use or in an area designed for such use.

Outside doors to all building entrances must remain closed at all times. The primary reason for this is to keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. The secondary reason is purely for aesthetics.

Sidewalks, entrances, porches or stairs shall not be obstructed at any time.

Outdoor Cooking

Smoke and fumes from charcoal grills are poisonous and can cause severe distress for some residents with respiratory ailments and can be a general nuisance to other neighbors. Therefore, outdoor cooking will be limited to an area ten feet away from the building. This should diminish the likelihood of smoke/fumes from entering open windows. Each resident will be personally responsible for cleanup of equipment and the common property within a reasonable period after use (generally expected not to exceed four hours). Equipment left in the common area will be subject to confiscation by the Association.



Use of common areas for parties or large social gatherings other than those planned by Myrtle Square is prohibited. Private parties will be limited to the confines of individual units. All such parties should be considerate of adjacent neighbors and abide by the City noise ordinance.


Dog Areas

Dogs are not permitted to run loose. When taken into any common area, dogs must be on a leash and supervised by their owners. Dogs running loose are also a violation of City ordinance and the dogs are subject to being picked up and placed in the pound. Pet owners shall curb their pets outside the main courtyard area.

Sales and Leasing

Nonresident owners should supply prospective tenants with the Rules and Regulations. Any prospective tenant or leasee should consent to and agree to observe and abide by any regulations or bylaws that may be deemed necessary for the protection and comfort of Myrtle Square residents.

If you are renting, a completed copy of the tenant tenant contact form must be completed and returned to Community Support at Cedar Management Group.

If you are selling you should provide a copy of the most recent version of the Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Articles of Incorporation of Myrtle Square to the new owner. Copies are available from Cedar Management Group.

Trash Removal

All trash or garbage must be placed in hall closets in plastic bags. These bags must be tied so debris will not spill out or cause odors. Plastic grocery bags are not acceptable for trash placed in the corridor cans. They can be used if you carry your trash to the grey containers behind Building C. Do not place loose papers or garbage in trash cans. Normal weekly trash pickup by the City of Charlotte is every Wednesday morning. Please try to deposit your trash in the hallway closets in the early morning to insure the janitorial service has time to take trash to outside cans that day. The janitorial service provides collection of trash on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

All trash containing animal feces (including cat litter) and human feces (including diapers) shall not be placed in the corridor cans and shall be placed in the rear trash behind building C.

Owners shall not place trash within the corridor cans.

Boxes and other bulky items may be disposed of by calling 311 to schedule pickups by placing the item at the street (Myrtle Avenue) for collection by the City of Charlotte.  

Cardboard boxes must be cut to 3’x3’ size or smaller.  Call 311 for the scheduled recycling days (every other week).

For collection of furniture, large appliances, and other awkward items, please call the City of Charlotte at 311. These items must also be placed at Myrtle Avenue for pickup.

Changes in Rules and Regulations:

The Board may, in accordance with the Governing Documents of the Association, alter, revoke or add to these Rules and Regulations for the preservation of safety and order within Myrtle Square, for its care and cleanliness, or for the protection of the reputation thereof. When notice of any such alteration, amendment, revocation or addition is given to any resident, it should have the same force and effect as if originally made a part of the Rules and Regulations.


General Information:

Community Police Officers

The best news about community policing is that we now have someone specific to call when we suspect something is amiss and needs checking out. Our officers of the Providence Division often patrol the neighborhood on bicycle and are getting to know us one-by-one from all the meetings and block parties they've attended. We need to feed information to them—suspicious activity, odd patterns, things that just don't seem quite right.   Give them the knowledge to do their jobs even better; tag numbers, times of day, anything they need to know.

If an emergency arises, call 911, and then notify our officers. They might be bicycling on Morehead Street and respond to the emergency quickly. Also remember our officers are not always notified of an emergency.  Please report emergency occurrences directly to the bicycle officers so they can frequent the property more often. 


To donate reusable materials such as appliances, clothing, books and furniture, contact one of these Charlotte agencies:

·      AMVET 704-392-8387

·      Crisis Assistance Ministry 704-371-3000

·      Goodwill Industries 704-372-7281

·      Kidney Foundation 704-393-5780

·      Salvation Army 704-332-1171

·      Charlotte Rescue Mission


A single unit may experience a power outage. There are several options to explore before contacting Duke Power. Should you experience power outage, check the electrical box located on the wall in the kitchen of your home. If you need further assistance contact the Cedar Management Group for the name of an electrician to call.  The unit owner is responsible for the charges to check the fuses at the meter. Fuses are kept on hand for emergencies.


Late Fees

Your homeowner's dues are due on the first of each month. They are considered "past due" on the second of the month, but you have a grace period until the 15th before a late charge will be applied to your account.

Your payment must be received in the Cedar Management Group office on or before the 15th to avoid a late charge.  Cedar Management Group is open Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment must be received on the preceding business day to make sure you avoid a late charge. Depositing your payment in the Cedar Management Group dropbox on a weekend or holiday where the 15th falls will be received on the next business day and considered late.

Late fees cannot be avoided by prepaying the month following a late payment.

Property Management

Myrtle Square is managed by:

Cedar Management Group

PO Box 26844

Charlotte, NC 28221



The green bins are set out Tuesday afternoon on Myrtle Avenue. Rinse your recyclables with water to make sure they are clean before placing them in the green bins. For your convenience, empty plastic detergent containers can be placed in the can located beside the washers in the laundry room.

Questions about recycling can be directed by calling the City of Charlotte or visit the website:

Acceptable Curbside Recyclables

•       Aluminum cans - beer & soft drink

•       Aerosol cans

•       Steel and tin cans

•       Glass bottles & jars - colorless, green & brown soda, beer, wine & liquor bottles;

•       Juice & food containers

•       Plastic containers - soft drink, water & detergent bottles, milk jugs (#’s 1-5 & 7)

•       Spiral paper cans - only the paper, not the top or pull-open strip

•       Newspapers, advertising supplements, paper grocery bags

•       Magazines, telephone books

•       Junk mail, gift paper

•       Cardboard – cut to 3’x3’ or smaller

•       Envelopes, computer paper, office paper

Unacceptable Curbside Recyclables

•       Plastics #6

•       Styrofoam

•       Wax coated paper products

•       Clothing

•       Household garbage

•       Household hazardous waste

•       Pizza boxes

•       Plastic grocery & garbage bags (local grocers accept recyclable bags)

•       Ceramic jars, mirrors, plate glass, light bulbs, egg cartons, Styrofoam

See next page for questions concerning recycling.


Other Recyclables

Motor Oil should be taken to an existing facility in the County.  The Hickory Grove Recycling Center is located at 8007 Pence Road. Their phone number is 704-537-4096. PEP Boys also accepts used motor oil.

 Lead batteries can be left with most battery retailers, batteries are also accepted at Interstate Batteries located at 706 South Kings Drive, 704-377-1131.

A county facility provides for the collection of unused paint. Myrtle Square is adding unused paints to its recycling efforts. Place the closed paint cans in the laundry room. Periodically the cans will be transported to the collection site.

Notify your painter to use a designated area at the rear of Building C near the entrance to the garden to wash brushes. Protecting our original pipes is of the most concern.  Paint cans can be placed on the laundry facility for recycling.

City Truck Collect on Wednesdays

Large items require advance notice by calling Char Meck 311.

•       recyclables from green bins every other week

•       garbage and trash

•       lawn recyclables - tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings, etc.


A Smith & Hawkin "Biostack" composter (square, black plastic) is located at the gray garbage cans behind Building C. Compost from this pile is used as fertilizer in the flower beds, shrubbery, and other plantings. Save your kitchen waste and carry it to the composter, dump it and replace the composter lid. Appropriate waste includes eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit & veggie parings, tea bags (remove the staple), and old cut flowers. Never put bread, bagels, grease, fat, or meat scraps, dog or cat feces, coal, coal ashes, barbecue briquettes, diseased plants or weeds that have gone to seed, food preserved with BHT, or vegetation treated with herbicides or insecticides in the composter.


Any suspicious activity is of concern to everyone. Report any such activity to 911.   It's the only way to stop the activity. Personal items of value should not be left in vehicles.



Maintain caulking around the toilet and tub/shower, and check tile flooring for deteriorated grout to prevent repairs to both your unit and your neighbor's unit. Please do not fill bath tubs to the overflow drain!! Broken seals in the drains have caused thousands of dollars in repairs per occurrence. These costs, most often, are the responsibility of the homeowner. Dripping water faucets increase our water usage significantly. If you plan to repair your faucets, it may be possible to add water shut-off valves to the sinks in both the kitchen and bath. A valve is inserted in the hot and cold water lines so water can be shut off at the sink. Tubs and showers are more difficult to do because of the difficulty of getting to the plumbing. (Much of the plumber's time is spent locating the cut-off to the stack.) Liquid drain cleaners are not to be used for clogged drains. Continued use solidifies residue in the pipes and can cause matter to harden like cement. Call Cedar Management Group to request plumbing services.

Water Cut-offs

You are required to provide a 48-hour notice to Cedar Management as well as your neighbors. The application and Notice, along with instructions, are available from the Cedar Management Group, for plumbing repairs. Notices  must be posted in all 14 corridors regardless of where the work is being done.

No water cut-offs will be allowed on weekends and holidays. Plumbing repairs will be allowed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. These times allow residents to come home at lunch or after work to check their own plumbing to be sure a leak hasn't occurred as a result of your repairs. Remember, if a leak occurs in your unit, you may be responsible for any damage that occurs to an adjacent unit. Whenever the situation can be controlled, the water will be cut off to as few units as possible. We are able to isolate the situation to a single stack of units rather than the whole complex. However, emergencies do occur and we may from time to time need to turn off the water to all three buildings at one time. 

Water Conservation (Running Toilet)

When the water has been shut off to all the buildings, toilets can continuously flush after the water is turned on again. To solve the problem, release the pressure by loosening the screw in the hexagonal bolt (on your right when facing the toilet) with a large screwdriver. Wait a minute or two, and then return the screw to its original position.

Myrtle Square Specialty Parts


Piedmont Tool Rental & Plumbing carries the hard-to-find replacement parts to the originally installed closet.


Piedmont Tool Rental & Plumbing

2633 Wilkinson Boulevard

Charlotte, NC  28208


Installation of Diaphragm on Royal Flushometer for commode

Window Cranks

Window cranks for the casement windows are available at the following locations.  It is recommended to take with you the current casement window arm to be replaced, as various manufactures, types and sizes are available.

Little Hardware Co.

1400 S. Mint Street

Charlotte, NC  28203


Blackhawk Hardware

Park Road Shopping Center

Corner of Park Road & Woodlawn


Myrtle Square Condominium was designated a local historic property in May, 2007.