How To Get Something Fixed

What’s the Procedure for Getting Something Fixed?

Always call 911 in life-threatening emergencies

  • Emergencies – All Residents.  If there is a serious maintenance issue (such as water pouring in) that needs to be addressed on the spot, call Cedar Management (704-644-8808) and state your name, our 1121 address, your unit number, and the emergency.  
  • Renters.  For emergencies, see above.  For non-emergencies, contact your condo owner and they will take it from there.
  • Owners.  Since our HOA works with a management company (Cedar Management), the ONLY way to get the ball rolling on any issue, large or small, is to contact them.  Even if you’ve discussed it with a board member, you will still need to make that contact.  Cedar has lots of other properties, so when you phone or email, be sure to mention Myrtle Square and your unit number. 
    Phone:  704-644-8808 / Email:

  • In-Unit HOA Maintenance Issues.  If there’s a maintenance issue in your unit that falls under HOA responsibility (or may), report it to Cedar, and the Board will be notified.  Once in the system, you may be contacted for more details -- by Cedar, by a Board member, or by a contractor – to determine exactly what needs to be done.
  • If It’s HOA’s Responsibility, bids will be taken for the work required.  This is a process and may require some time.  Once a bid is accepted, the contractor will call you directly to make arrangements to meet and do the work.  A board member may be available to meet the contractor if you cannot be there.  You would make this request through Cedar.
  • When the Work Is Complete.  Once the work is complete, you’ll have 15 days to inform Cedar Management if there are any problems with the work.  If you don’t inform Cedar within that time, the work will be assumed correct and the work order closed.
  • General Property Maintenance Issues.  Monthly walks of the property are routine, but if you notice a property issue that may need attention, please do report it to Cedar.  The community will be the better for it!
  • Routine Community Issues.  Issues reported to Cedar concerning things like trash, pets, and noise will be forwarded to the Board for appropriate action.  We will make every effort to take action in a timely manner.
  • What if Nothing is Happening?  If the process bogs down and nothing seems to be happening, you may email   Please be brief.